• Treating the Feet Right, With William Levine, Podiatrist

  • Posted on September 15, 2017
  • While Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, is best known for his bunion treatment techniques, in his nearly 25 years of private practice, he has treated almost every type of foot condition imaginable. He is a doctor of some renown, and he is uniquely skilled and highly experienced as a cosmetic and aesthetic podiatrist, which means the services his office provides include a wide variety of services, including botox injections for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, which is little more than a fancy medical term for outrageously sweaty feet.

    From the offices of Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, it is also possible to get dermal filler injections to those mostly female patients who suffer from metatarsal fat pad atrophy, which is pain and numbness in the ball of the feet. Women, especially, love Dr. Levine because his office provides spa-like foot rejuvenation treatments, using massage with exotic oils and whirlpool baths and they can use lasers to remove nail fungus and do nail bleaching. He also employs state of the art instruments and creams to remove all cracking skin, corns and calluses. The office of William Levine, podiatrist is a great place to go to fix your feet and make them feel happy.

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